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266 – Why do people hack websites? With Robert Abela

Listen to the full episode here:

So today we’re talking about security, but not what you might expect. This episode is not about the features which are in a WordPress security plugin. This is about the very nature of hacking and the issues that face us all online. What do people do hacking at all? It’s a pretty reasonable question! It’s now simply assumed that the internet can be a dangerous place; your details could be stolen, your website could be hacked. But why? What’s in it for the hackers? Robert Abela is on the podcast today to discuss this and many other topics, and it’s a really interesting chat? What security posture should you adopt based upon what you do. It’s somewhere between ‘do nothing’ and ‘live in a bunker’! What software is out there which might be worth looking into for all your security needs, and what resources does Robert recommend if you discover that you’re curious to learn more? Check out the podcast…

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