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273 – How do we get our website copy?

Listen to the full episode here:

On the podcast today we continue our WordPress Business Bootcamp series. Now we’re trying to figure out “How do we get our website copy?”. It’s a thorny issue and I’m pretty certain that this problem has held up one or other of your website builds in the past. Who should create the content that goes on the site? Should it be you, a professional copywriter, an SEO expert or perhaps we leave that to the client and just place Lorem placeholders in until they’re ready? The problem though is that the text is really crucial for the success of a website, and therefore it’s crucial to get it right. Not only will Google like it, but the way that your site looks, the structure of it all hangs on how the words fit in the overall design that you’ve decided upon. So listen to the podcast as we discuss this topic and leave some feedback…

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