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274 – How you can make your website have a smaller carbon footprint

Listen to the full episode here:

When I drive my car, I’m highly aware of the impact that my driving is having. I can hear the engine rumble, I can smell the gases that are coming from the exhaust. I know for a fact that this is not good for the environment. I’m burning energy and it’s causing pollution. When I’m browsing the internet, this is the environmental impact that I’m feeling… nothing. Literally zero. I almost never connect the fact that my browsing and the websites that I create have an environmental impact. My computers are shiny, my phone screen has rounded edges and looks really nice. How could they possibly do any damage to the environment, and even if they did, my part is so small that it does not matter… right? Perhaps not. The statistics tell another story, and it’s not something that we can be complacent about. Today I’m chatting with Marco Berrocal from Green Geeks, which is a WordPress website host which has a focus upon hosting with the impact on the environment at the forefront of their offering. We talk about what we can do to reduce our internet carbon footprint and how we can build websites which cause less pollution.

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