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278 – Builderius, a new and innovative way to create your WordPress website

Listen to the full episode here:

So there’s loads of WordPress tools out there that will help you create your WordPress websites. Chances are that you’ve tried out a few and have some favourite which you use most of the time. New tools are coming out all of the time and this episode is about one of those new tools… Builderius. I can already here you starting to sigh. You’re thinking that there’s no need for another tool, there’s already too many and they all do pretty much the same thing. Well Volodymyr Denchyk is here to try to explain why Builderius is different. And, well, he’s got a point. This is not a Page Builder like you might have used before. It’s more… what’s the word… technical. It needs more from you, the website builder, and it return it promises that it’ll give you almost unlimited possibilities back. It’s it point, click, drag and save? No. Does that mean that it’s not worth looking at? Also, no. I think that it’s got a place, especially if you want to make everything exactly as you want it. So, a technical episode, but well worth a listen. I just love it when new things like this come along.

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