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279 – Design Aesthetics

Listen to the full episode here:

Another episode of the WordPress Business Bootcamp where we try to go right back to the start and unpick the process of building sites for clients. Today we’re on to the tricky subject of ‘Design Aesthetics’! Aesthetics affect a brand’s credibility and perception. The look and feel is probably the thing that first hit us first and is most important to our clients. But the problem is that aesthetics are subjective, there is no agreed way to deliver such things and we have to find some way to avoid design by committee (the client seeking outside parties) or the loudest voice winning without reference to the overall goals. So how we might do this is the subject of the podcast today. Remember that there’s a dozen other episodes in this series prior to this, but we’d love to get your thoughts on this one… tell us where you get your inspiration and how you handle this with your clients.

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