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282 – Put dynamic content on your website with the If-So plugin

Listen to the full episode here:

DEAL ALERT – there’s a deal mentioned in the podcast – do NOT miss out on this one, as it’s truly fabulous, not only in what you get, but in the way that you get it! It’s running until 23rd June 2022. So this plugin (If-So) is such a powerhouse, I don’t even know where to start. It’s a WordPress plugin designed to allow you to create content on your site which will display based upon a whole heap of conditions. Wait… what does that even mean? I’m glad that you asked. Let’s say that it’s Christmas, and you want to show something additional during the run up to the holidays, you can do that with a date condition. What about an offer only available to Android users? That’s a device condition. A part of the site only visible to people who came from a specific website? That’s a referral condition. You set a condition and then you specify what ought to happen. Simple in principle, enormously powerful in reality. Josef Carmeli is on the podcast today to talk about what the plugin can do, how it can transform your website and how it’s perhaps the coolest thing that you’ve not yet tried.

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