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284 – Strattic and Elementor talk about the recent acquisition

Listen to the full episode here:

So I’m going to keep this brief, as this podcast was a little bit of a scoop, which we don’t often get! Last week it was announced that Elementor (the page builder) had bought Strattic (the headless hosting company). I thought that this was an interesting purchase and I wanted to know more. Very quickly I was able to get hold of the co-founder of Strattic, Miriam Schwab, and Amitai Gat, the product organisation lead at Elementor. This episode is all about this recent news. How did it come about? What’s in it for both parties? What happens next? It would be good to point out that the day after this episode was recorded, the news of Elementor laying off some employees broke, but as this had not yet happened, this is not covered. Go check out the podcast…

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