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286 – Living the life that working in tech can allow

Listen to the full episode here:

This episode is like no other we’ve ever put out, because it’s not really about WordPress, more about a lifestyle that working with WordPress might allow you to have. Alex is on the podcast today to talk about the decisions that he’s made to be a digital nomad. Now, when I think about the phrase digital nomad, it conjures up images of people who are constantly on the move. Moving from place to place, never settling anywhere. This is not quite how Alex has things set up. Alex, his wife, his two kids, his two cats and his dog all life in a camper. In the UK we call them camper vans, and I’ve heard them called RVs as well I think. Anyway, think of a small house on wheels. When Alex and I started talking about what we might talk about on the podcast, this topic was suggested and I jumped on it. So there’s not really any plugins or themes mentioned, it’s just about the way that Alex and his family live, and I love this kind of thing.

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