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292 – Why WPCodeBox should be in your WordPress plugin lineup

Listen to the full episode here:

On the podcast today we have WPCodeBox plugin developer Ovidiu Maghetiu, and he’s here to explain how it works and what it can do, and it can do… a lot! WPCodeBox is turning out to be one of those plugins that you know that you’re going to use for years to come. What I really like about this plugin is that it’s a conduit for your imagination. Many plugins offer you a pathway for achieving a particular task. You use it to achieve one or two things. WPCodeBox is designed to be an empty container which you fill up with your (or other peoples) ideas. It’s all about snippets at its heart. You can add snippets for PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SaaS to your website and in many cases reduce the plugin footprint as a result. Check out the podcast to find out more…

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