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3 BEGINNER-FRIENDLY Affiliate Marketing Courses

Here are three beginner-friendly affiliate marketing courses that you can learn from. They cover three different methods of doing affiliate marketing.

The first course that I cover is Wealthy Affiliate. This course is one of the most beginner-friendly. You’ll learn how to create a successful niche website. The first 10 lessons are free and if you use my affiliate link below, it connects me with you so that I can help you one-on-one along the way.

My Wealthy Affiliate affiliate link:


Next, is the 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge by Jonathan Montoya. This training teaches you how to create an affiliate sales funnel. Jonathan covers his Affiliate Stacking Ecosystem and goes step by step into creating a sales funnel. Plus, it’s super low-cost ($7!).

My 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge affiliate link:

My review:


Last but not least, is Powerhouse Affiliate. This training program teaches how to promote CPA offers using paid advertising. Promoting CPA offers has a large learning curve. It is free to join and only $20 per month for premium membership.

My Powerhouse Affiliate affiliate link:

0:00 – Introduction
0:27 – Wealthy Affiliate
2:40 – 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge
4:17 – Powerhouse Affiliate

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