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3 Unique Ways to Double Your Website Revenue With TreasureHunter

Do you know what to do to double your website revenue?

Is your website earning the most that it can?

Most websites aren’t, and yours probably isn’t either. But it can if you know what to do.

And that’s what today’s special guest, Benjamin Schardt from TreasureHunter Media, will be sharing.

Benjamin uses the exact same SEO principles that Matt and Liz teach to optimise websites and increase traffic and revenue.

Whether you have a small website or a large one, listen in to hear some unique ways to grow your website’s traffic and revenue.

Then register for our free masterclass to learn how to buy & renovate websites for passive income: https://ebusinessinstitute.com.au/ref.html?w=dpvrp&p=yto

00:00 Introduction
02:06 Sites they look for
05:21 Funds raised to buy and grow sites
12:38 Examples of sites they buy
17:40 What are licensing partnerships?
29:29 What they do to double and tripe website revenue
37:40 When to contact Benjamin at TreasureHunter

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