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5 Properties in 5 Years by “Stacking” Your House Hacks

House hack stacks make building wealth in real estate almost too easy. You buy a house, rent out the other rooms or units, and repeat it every year until you have enough passive income to replace your job. This sounds easy in theory, but many house hackers veer off this fool-proof strategy out of comfort. Investors have families, businesses, and other responsibilities, making moving every year to a new house hack more challenging than you’d think.

But, those who take house hacking to its extreme, like Jordan Malara, see huge benefits after just a few years. Within five years, Jordan has grown a portfolio of five properties, bringing in hefty five-figure rent every month. The property we’ll be touring today is Jordan’s 3-in-1 house hack/vacation rental/garage conversion combo brings in $7,500 alone. That’s no pocket change!

If you want to see how you too can set yourself up for massive financial success in five years or less, this is the episode to watch! You’ll hear the timeline, costs, and tips from a veteran house hacker who has secured financial freedom for not only himself but his future family!

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00:00 A 3-For-1 House Hack
01:18 The Basement Short-Term Rental
04:52 Must-Have Tools for Hosts
07:18 The Garage-Conversion Rental
09:29 How to Find Deals Like This
11:09 Increase Bookings with an Outdoor Space
12:22 Time Freedom First
14:11 5 Properties in 5 Years!

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