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$8,000 A Month In Passive Income, Working ONLY 8 Hours A YEAR?? (How They Did It…)

What if you could reach $8,000 per month in passive or semi passive income, working only 8 hours a year?

That’s what Nathan and Alexa have achieved. In this interview, you’ll hear how they did it, including how they turned $900 into $17,000. And $4,500 into $8,000 a month in semi-passive income, working just 8 hours a year.

You’ll also hear what they actually do when they are working, and why they believe anyone with access to the internet can quit their 9-5 job, and have a better life.

If your current profession doesn’t allow you to work from anywhere and is dependent on you (meaning, if you stop working, then you stop getting paid), this interview will show you a better way.

Watch the interview, then register for our upcoming masterclass to learn even more about how you can make more by working less: https://go.ebusinessinstitute.com.au/masterclass/?utm_source=youtube&utm_content=nathan-alexa-interview-8k-pm

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