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ADU Design Ideas That’ll Make You $1,000+ Per Month

When looking for ADU design ideas, think of functionality first. Attached dwelling units and accessory dwelling units are smaller spaces by design—so what can you do to make a renter feel like they live in a large, open space, without having to put in tens of thousands in new construction costs? If you’re able to crack the confined space code, you may be able to set yourself apart from the other landlords in your vicinity.

Derek Sherrell, appropriately nicknamed “That ADU Guy”, has spent years perfecting the ADU design strategy. He’s built garage additions, sectioned-off units, and basement conversions that give renters not only an affordable place to live but an enjoyable place to stay. He’s able to get more rent, better tenants, and have a higher appreciating property thanks to his smart design tactics which he shares today.

If you’ve been thinking about turning your shed, garage, basement, or large attic into an ADU, be sure you listen to Derek’s advice. His ADU design ideas could save you big in the long run, while also helping you build wealth with your own property!

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@thataduguy or https://www.instagram.com/thataduguy/

The Perfect Attached ADU Property
01:20 Tip: Look for Sewer Cleanouts
01:55 The $25,000 ADU Conversion
04:42 Financing Your ADU
05:54 Always Upgrade Your Rehab
06:47 Soundproofing Your ADU
08:59 Use Pocket Doors
09:54 Tenants Love Lofts!
10:57 Affordable ADU Tips
11:36 Building a Garage Conversion ADU
12:58 New Build Design Tips
15:08 Finished Garage ADU Walkthrough
18:10 Go Add an ADU!

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