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Advice From a Billionaire That Made a Farm Boy a FORTUNE in Real Estate

How much advice from a billionaire have you gotten? Ever decided to look up the wealthiest people in your area and give them a call? What type of tips could they give you for success? What business ideas would they push you to try? And how would your life change? Instead of speculating, at a young age, Andrew J. Abernathey tried out this strategy, and much to his surprise, he got the billionaire mentor he always dreamed of.

Before that, Andrew was just a simple farm boy. You know how it goes: tending to the field, ordering supplies, and trading futures at ten years old. Yep, you read that right. Andrew was making trading calls on grain prices at only ten years old, a skill that his father helped teach him. At fourteen, Andrew decided to put some money in the stock market, and a year later, walked away with an $80,000 profit. And like all young boys, he knew exactly what he wanted to spend his money on—a million-dollar apartment complex!

Picking up on a pattern? Andrew has been making incredible moves at almost unbelievably young ages. But we haven’t even touched on the most incredible part of his journey yet. In this episode, you’ll hear how Andrew made wild real estate profits at sixteen, met his billionaire mentor by offering him some pie, and went on to build hundreds of millions in self-storage. It’s all true, and it’s all coming up in this episode!

00:00 Intro
02:33 Quick Tip
03:48 Farm Boy Trading Futures
13:34 Picking Stocks at 14
21:29 Buying Apartments in High School
29:49 The Millionaire College Dropout
38:52 Lessons from a Billionaire
44:11 Building and Buying Self Storage
49:59 Making Sure Everyone Wins
51:39 Andrew’s Advice to Entrepreneurs
54:27 Famous Four

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Episode 695

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