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Alternative Careers for Teachers (How to Transition out of Teaching)

If you are looking for an alternative career for teachers, then you’ll want to hear from today’s guest.

A year ago, Matt S. was burned out from teaching and even started Googling jobs at Bunnings because he needed a mental break from being a teacher.

He knew he could go back to university and retrain for four years, but with a family and a mortgage to deal with, he didn’t want to pay $80,000 for an undergraduate degree. And then be starting back at the bottom of the pay scale.

Fast forward 12 months, not only has he discovered the right alternative career for teachers but he has earned an extra $32,000 from it. Today, you’ll hear about the side hustle for teachers that is helping him transitioning from the education system to start his own small business from home, even though he has never owned a business.

Listen to the interview here: https://youtu.be/9ZdKGGqVIZY

Then register for our masterclass to learn the same skills that started it all for Matt: https://ebusinessinstitute.com.au/ref.html?w=dpvrp&p=yto

Make sure to leave a comment with your thoughts or takeaway.

00:00 Taking a break from teaching
02:51 More and more being piled on their plates
06:24 Transitioning out of education
10:27 Alternative careers for teachers
15:15 Second careers for teachers
21:45 The reality of transitioning out of teaching

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