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Are Cash-Flowing Condos the Perfect Short-Term Rental Investment?

Short-term rental investments take on a lot of different shapes and sizes. You may think of a cabin in the woods, a beach bungalow, or a ski-side chateau when you think of vacation rentals⁠—what you may not be thinking of is a condo. Condominiums have gotten a pretty bad rap from real estate investors and especially short-term rental investors. HOA fees, condo assessments, and non-warrantable units may give some people the host-heebie-jeebies, but not Avery Carl.

Avery Carl has become a master of short-term rental investing over the past half-decade and has built up not only a significant portfolio but a mortgage and real estate brokerage. Avery has heard the arguments against the cash-flowing condos and decided to try it herself. After seeing success, Avery has realized that most of this condo contention is unfounded, and the investors that do dive into condo investing can find serious success.

In case you have any doubts, Avery walks through the three top arguments against investing in condos for vacation rentals, along with the reasons why these condo cons actually become pros (when used correctly). Would you invest in a vacation rental condominium? Have you done so before? Let us know in the comments below!

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00:00 Are Condos the Perfect Vacation Rental?
00:49 Non-Warrantable Condos
01:50 Condo and HOA Fees
03:13 Condo Assessments
04:02 Cash-Flowing Condos Aren’t So Scary!
04:30 Stick to The Right Vacation Market

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