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Best Real Estate Markets for Mid-Term Rental Properties (Travel Nurses)

What makes the best real estate market for mid-term rental properties? Tenants! As with short-term rentals, mid-term rentals also target a very specific type of customer. Instead of vacationers and sightseers, mid-term rental hosts are looking for corporate travelers, travel nurses, digital nomads, and everything in between. At first glance you may be thinking the best real estate markets for this strategy would be Los Angeles, San Francisco, or New York, but you’d be wrong.

Zeona McIntyre, mid-term rental investor and the woman who literally wrote the book on 30 day stays, has seen what does and doesn’t work with the mid-term rental strategy. She knows how to identify the best markets, properties, and tenant types to keep your cash flow high, expenses low, and headaches elsewhere. Even if you haven’t heard of the mid-term rental strategy, these quick tips will give you enough direction to make the right investing moves.

In this week’s episode, Zeona goes over choosing a mid-term rental market, understanding who your optimal tenant is, which types of properties/floor plans work best for this strategy, and why condos are too often overlooked by investors. Ready to turn a few properties into financial freedom? Stick around!

00:00 What’s the Best Medium-Term Rental Market?
00:55 Who Is Your Ideal Tenant?
02:24 Which Markets Work Best?
03:56 Types of Properties
06:46 Do Condos Cash Flow?
08:00 A Mid-Term Rental Recap

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