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“Buying More Rentals” is the WRONG Way to Scale Real Estate

Learning how to scale real estate is challenging. Sure, it’s easy to buy a rental property, buy a couple more, and before you know it, have dozens of cash-flowing properties under your name. But what’s the cost of this respectable portfolio? Are you the one running over to fix the faucet? Are your tenants or contractors calling you whenever something goes wrong? At this point, it starts to feel like you’ve built an uncomfortable cash flow hole to sit in.

Don’t get us wrong, scaling up in real estate is extremely important—but so is scaling down. This is what has allowed Tarl Yarber to not only become wealthier but far less busy. As a full-time fix and flipper, Tarl was constantly on the line every time a new project (or problem) arose. And although he was making great money, he wanted to transition his business to a lifestyle-first model. He did this successfully and made more money by doing less.

Now, as a time-tested real estate business builder, Tarl has five crucial tips to share with real estate investors of any experience level. These tips will help you avoid years’ worth of headaches and help you build a real estate portfolio that fits your lifestyle, instead of just racking up unit numbers.

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00:00 Scaling Your Real Estate Portfolio in 2022
01:27 The Real Estate “Scale”
02:13 1. More Houses ≠ More Money
04:04 2. Define Your Niche
06:41 3. Put People in The Right Positions
10:38 4. Leverage Technology
14:10 5. Manage Your Money Wisely
16:41 Connect with Tarl!

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