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Buying Opportunities & Low Interest Rate Rental Property Loans

Interest rates are up, but you can still get rental property loans at a good price if you’re able to act quickly. Since The Fed announced their planned Fed rate hikes, resulting in higher interest rates, real estate investors have been scrambling to find properties where they can lock in lower interest rate loans. At the same time, sellers fear that buyers are being swept out of the market and that the window to sell is closing.

Don’t fret though. If you’re still looking to invest in rental properties but don’t know where to start on the financing side, Christian Bachelder and David Greene from The One Brokerage are here to help. Both of them are investors, agents, and loan professionals, so they know which type of investment property loan can help which investor. They still have high hopes that good deals are to be found but only with the right financing.

Christian and David walk through the best rental property loans that could be used as conventional financing dries up for many buyers. Take note that if you want to secure the lowest interest rates around, you better do it now!

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Why “Smart Money” is Buying Real Estate as Interest Rates Rise:
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The Fed’s Plan for Future Interest Rates:
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Christian: https://www.biggerpockets.com/users/christianb79
David: https://www.biggerpockets.com/users/davidgreene24

00:00 More Scheduled Interest Rate Hikes
01:54 Where Are Interest Rates Affecting Most?
04:12 Are Sellers Getting Desperate?
08:29 What to Look for in a Real Estate Agent
10:43 Best Loans for Investors in 2022
20:17 Connect with Christian!

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