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Buying Your “Dream Home” Will Make You Broke

Everyone wants their “dream home.” You know, the one in the best part of town, near all the shops and restaurants, with a pool, lots of space, and often, a high price tag. House hackers fall into this trap too. When shopping around for their first wealth-building real estate play, they fall prey to picking the prettiest home, not the one with the most potential profit. But Chris and Jesteny were a bit smarter than this, and it’s paid off immensely.

This couple COULD have bought in a trendy part of Denver, Colorado. But, now they’re burdened with a $0 mortgage payment as a result. That’s right! This young couple is building wealth, living for free, and starting their house hack stack the right way! They’ve turned the smaller section of their home into a short-term rental, bringing in around $2,000 a month, more than covering their mortgage!

Chris and Jesteny serve as prime examples of what “buying right” really means. They set aside their dream home goals to build a phenomenal passive income stream which, ironically enough, will allow them to buy an even wilder dream house when the time comes. Wanna be like Chris and Jesteny? Keep watching our “House Hackerz” series (link below!)

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