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Do You Need an ABN to Register a Domain Name? [Website Legal Tips]

It depends. Here is what Australia’s leading lawyer, Jeanette Jifkins from Onyx Legal, says about buying and building websites using Australian domain names.

Jeanette Jifkins is the principal laywer at Onyx Legal, one of Australia’s leading laywers for digital and online businesses.

In fact, Jeanette has been training with us for over a decade when it comes to buying and selling websites for passive income.

That’s why we/ve asked her to share her insights into what you need to know on whether you need an ABN to register a domain name.

Watch the interview here: https://youtu.be/n8iU4SaKrlU

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This is where we share beginner secrets and pro tips on how to build and buy websites for income and assets.

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To contact Jeanette, go to https://onyx.legal or send an email to advice@onyx.legal

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