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Don’t Buy Traditional Short-Term Rentals (Buy These Instead)

Short-term rentals are hitting new heights. No matter what type of house, neighborhood, or city you live in, you can make good money putting your “vacation rental” property up on one of the many listing sites. But the short-term rental market has become saturated with standard-looking houses, basic amenities, and lackluster furnishings. How do you stand out from the crowd, provide an amazing experience to guests, and massively boost your revenue?

It’s a pretty simple, yet not-so-obvious answer—buy better vacation rentals. Stop looking at the regular-looking homes and start looking at the dome-shaped arctic oases, the funky-furnished forest dwelling A-frame, and the house that sleeps twenty people, not two. This niche-first real estate investing strategy is exactly what Christian Bachelder and David Greene use to make wild returns on their short-term rentals. Pair that with some amazing amenities and you’re ready to reap high revenue on your vacation rental venture.

Christian and David list the exact changes they’re making to their short-term rental properties, the types of properties they’re buying, and what you need to do to beat out the other listings.

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00:00 How to Boost Short-Term Rental Revenue
01:06 More Heads, More Beds
03:14 Add Extraordinary Amenities
07:22 Think About the Guest When Renovating
09:35 Negotiating for Better Deals
10:44 Look for Unique Properties First
12:35 Work with David and Christian!

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