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Don’t Fall for the “More Doors” Trap | 2023 Goal Setting

It’s 2023 goal setting time! For some investors, setting goals is a coveted experience where they get to center themselves and plan for the coming year. For others, setting goals can seem stressful as there are too many shiny objects always around to chase. This type of dichotomy exists even among the most experienced investors, as you’ll see in this episode. David Greene, everyone’s favorite investor, agent, broker, and mentor, systematically sets his goals, while Rob “Robuilt” Abasolo, the internet’s short-term rental oracle, does things a bit differently.

In this episode, you’ll get a peek behind the scenes at how two very successful investors set goals in two very different ways. But this isn’t just about real estate investing and building wealth. David and Rob both touch on the personal goals they’ve set out for themselves and how they organically intertwine with the lofty investing goals they’ve set for 2023.

David and Rob both want to grow their wealth substantially in 2023. But this doesn’t mean that they’re just hungry for doors. You’ll hear a crucial tip on how top real estate investors focus more on revenue than on unit count and how mistakenly chasing more properties could put you in a stressed-out situation without much to show for it! If you’re ready to tackle some of your biggest goals yet, tune in to this episode, and bring a planner while you’re at it!

00:00 Intro
02:37 Quick Tip
03:40 Revisiting Rob’s 2022 Goals
22:05. Setting HUGE 2023 Goals
31:40 David’s 2022 Goals
41:56 More Growth, NOT More Doors
48:06 Business Goals Revisited
54:09 Marketing and Content Creation Goals
01:00:01 Personal Goals
01:04:08 Connect with David and Rob!

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Episode 696

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