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Dropshipping Supplier: North to South Designs (Real-Life Story Of A Mom From Texas!) #halloween2022

Halloween is coming and you don’t know what to sell to make the most profit this season? Simply add North to South Designs’ products to your catalog and enjoy the increased revenues!

Sellvia suppliers are hand picked by a team of ecommerce pros that know the secret to finding the best product for the best price from the best manufacturers. In this video we talked about one of our suppliers – North to South Designs.

It’s run by a mom from Texas who has a passion for design and is willing to provide people with cute, cheeky, and fun products. Everything is handmade, crafted with love, and attention to every single detail.

At Sellvia, we believe that small businesses are the future. That’s why we offer many products from small US manufacturers in our catalog – everyone deserves to be noticed if they offer amazing goods!

When we support small businesses, we support their dreams and growth. Every single business was small at some point, and it’s up to customers to bring businesses to higher levels. So why not do it with Sellvia?

πŸš€ Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION & TRAINING with a Sellvia professional to get all the information you need (perfect for ecom newcomers!): https://sellvia.ai/3oi

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βœ… Get Premium Products by Sellvia and grow your ecommerce business without having to compete.

πŸ”₯ Choose among our 4 packages and pick what’s best for you: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum!

Depending on the package you get from 50 to 750 products and a whole lot of services such as:
βœ… Unique products’ designs
βœ… Profit-oriented keywords
βœ… Products to customize
βœ… Brand concept creation
βœ… Unique descriptions
βœ… Product images
βœ… Import to your store catalog
βœ… Import to your Amazon Seller account

πŸ”₯ See more info on our official website here: https://sellvia.ai/3mk

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