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Financial Freedom in 2 Years By ONLY Buying Off-Market Rentals

Financial freedom in two years? How can that be possible with high interest rates and higher home prices? If you’re looking at what’s on the MLS as the only deals around, you could be missing out on buying properties that could fast-track your journey to early retirement. Taylor Wing, unlike most investors, didn’t go the conventional route when building his rental property portfolio. But, walking the road less traveled has paid off significantly, as he has already found financial freedom in less time than it takes most investors to buy their first property!

Taylor’s career trajectory was cut and dry from the start. After graduating from West Point, he entered the Army and knew exactly how rankings, raises, and benefits would work from the day he started until the day he retired. This rigidity didn’t sit well with an entrepreneurial-minded, soon-to-be investor like Taylor. After his first house hack, and a very successful BRRRR, Taylor went full-throttle on investing.

Now, just two years later, he has a portfolio of over thirty rental units, a Rolodex full of private money lenders, and teams in multiple states ready to help him grow. So what sets Taylor apart from the rest? Aside from his resilience, Taylor chose to take action once he had enough information, instead of falling victim to analysis paralysis. If you follow Taylor’s advice, you too could grow a portfolio as fast as he did.

00:00 Intro
01:20 Quick Tip
02:06 Developing the Mindset While Deployed
05:24 House Hacking and The First BRRRR
09:25 Creative Financing More Deals
19:02 Finding Deals in Different Real Estate Markets
25:13 Rental Red Flags and Building Your Buy Box
32:24 Building Your Real Estate Team
35:55 On-Market vs. Off-Market Deals
39:54 Financial Freedom in 2 Years
42:48 Deal Deep Dive
52:36 Famous Four

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Episode 677

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