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Former Math Teacher Raises $55 Million to Buy Websites

How do you raise $55 million to buy websites without any prior website buying experience?

That’s what Adrian Johnston has done and in today’s interview, the co-founder and VP of strategy of Una Brands is going to share his insights into how they did it.

We covered:

– How do you go from a complete beginner to raising $55Mil to buy websites?
– Where and how he buys websites
– How he does website due diligence
– What kinds of websites does he buy – what do they look for?
– What was his background as a beginner online – no online experience
– How do you raise $55Mil to buy websites
– What was it like to raise $55 Mil to buy websites
– How do you value websites (he buys)
– What are the main growth strategies for growing the websites? – he has 4 levers they use to grow
– The opportunity for sellers of smaller websites to big buyers

Watch the interview here:

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00:00 Introduction
02:06 His background
09:10 The first thing Adrian did to kick-off his e-commerce business
14:14 The model and website buying critieria

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