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From Toxic Divorce to Rental-Fueled Financial Freedom in 2 Years

Finding financial freedom is hard enough, but doing so right after going through a toxic divorce can seem almost impossible. All of a sudden, you’ve gone from a two-income household to just one, your children are now your sole responsibility, and you’ve got to almost financially start over. Finding financial independence after events like this would be awe-inspiring—so imagine you did it all in just two years. Sarah King did just that, with thirteen units under her belt since buying her house hack property in 2020.

Sarah worked hard to put herself in a strong financial position. She was a debt-free disciple who paid off six figures in debt. Then, she focused on her savings, minimizing her expenses and increasing her income as much as she possibly could. But then, when everything started to feel stable, she uncovered something that would unravel her marriage. She went from financially stable to undoubtedly anxious in a matter of days. But it’s what she did next that was incredible.

Knowing she had to do whatever she could to take care of her daughter, Sarah went on rental property shopping spree. She built the portfolio she knew her family needed, and now just two years later, she’s enjoying the fruits of her non-stop labor. But how did she get the money for the deals? What strategy allowed her to cash flow so much in such a short amount of time? If you want to do what Sarah did, you’ll have to tune into this episode.

00:00 Intro
02:39 Quick Tip
04:11 13 Units in 2 Years!
11:54 The Real Estate Rebirth
21:58 Pivoting Her Goals
28:52 The Art of Hiring
39:35 The Funnel Secret
50:37 Pay Off Properties or Keep Building?
01:01:12 Famous Four

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Episode 698

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