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Have Rising Interest Rates Killed the BRRRR Method?

The BRRRR method—arguably one of the most loved real estate investing strategies, might not make it out alive in 2022. With rising interest rates, rising home prices, and low cash flow, the BRRRR strategy may have finally met its match. BRRRR addicts like Tarl Yarber, even with their decades of experience, are finding it harder and harder to cash flow on these types of deals. But, if you’re an experienced BRRRRer or home flipper, you still may have a profitable way out of a BRRRR deal gone wrong.

Tarl was once only interested in flipping. For years he would sell every house he acquired but recently made the change to focus on cash flow instead of one-time profits. Over the past few years, Tarl has been able to BRRRR his way to financial freedom and acquire a respectable portfolio of rental properties in the meantime. His go-to strategy has worked in the past, but it may be in hibernation for the next few years.

If you’ve found yourself with a BRRRR property or wanting to BRRRR a real estate deal, this video will help you walk away with a serious amount of cash, instead of a negative cash-flowing property. The BRRRR method is still one of the greatest ways to invest in real estate—just maybe not right now.

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00:00 Interest Rates Are Rising!
01:19 Do BRRRRs Still Work?
02:31 Before Photos
05:34 Derailing a Perfect BRRRR
06:44 After Photos
08:24 Final Numbers
09:03 Pro Tip: Every BRRRR Must Be a Good Flip
16:02 DSCR Loans
21:44 BRRRR vs. Flipping in 2022

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