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How Dom Wells Built a 7-Figure Website Portfolio Using Other People’s Money

When Dom Wells got started with website buying and investing, he didn’t have much money. At the time, he was teaching English in Taiwan, which was an okay life.

Every month, he’d save around US$200, so while he didn’t have much money, he did have time, which let him to discover affiliate marketing.

Bit by bit, he started to learn how to write articles, do SEO and renovate websites. And he started earning a bit of money and paying off his credit card, then slowly building a team.

Today you’ll hear how Dom he went from being in credit card debt to making $500 with his content website, to $5000 so he could quit his job, and then eventually building a 7-figure website portfolio using other people’s money.

Watch the interview here: https://youtu.be/3qYxJRyJctg

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You’ll learn how to buy & renovate websites for passive income.

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00:00 Who’s Dom Wells?
01:15 How much money he has raised
04:30 How Dom got started with website buying and investing
07:05 How much Dom made in his first 18 months
12:00 Dom’s motivation
16:40 The advantage of building websites vs buying websites
20:53 How to attract website operators to run online businesses for you
28:11 Dom’s advice for beginners and what to expect in your first year

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