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How She Built a Successful Work From Anywhere Career Without Going To University

Should your kids go to university? Kristen who left high school in year 11 says, “it depends”. Today you’ll hear why and how she has built a 6-figure work from anywhere career at the age 20 without finishing high school or going to university.

Kristen is our youngest student who started learning her digital skills with eBusiness Institute at the age of 12. She started out shy and hiding behind mum and dad.

Today, Kristen is 20 years old, and she’s a leader in her community. She has also built a successful digital career at home through buying and selling websites.

To hear how she did it, watch the interview here: https://youtu.be/Kgo3Kvy8Q50

To see if this alternative path to university education is for your kids, register for our free webinar and watch it with your kids (even if they think webinars are boring). At the end, they’ll either be really excited about building websites and making money online or not. At least that’s what we hear from parents.

Register for free here:

00:00 – Introduction
01:24 – Kristen started learning these digital skills at the age of 12
02:50 – She realised why you don’t need to go to university
09:15 – The benefit of being around people who inspire you
11:37 – Kristen used networking to build her online business
14:02 – Kristen used this alternative to university to develop early as an entrepreneur
18:18 – Partnering with other students on bigger projects

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