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How These Teens Make Money Online via Simple Websites

These Teens Are Learning Highly Practical Digital Skills That Help Them Earn Extra Money & Start Their Own Online Businesses.

One mum said: I think it’s the best decision for parents to involve their kids into digital programs and building websites. This is the future.

There are many jobs today that will be replaced in the years ahead through AI and advanced technology.

So, it makes sense that our teenagers are equipped with the digital skills for the future, and to earn money online now.

Today we are joined by three of our younger Champions. These are all teenage students who learned their new digital skills with us here at the E-Business Institute.

One of them even earned $2,000 for his first paid website build!

Watch the video to see how these teenagers are making money online using digital skills:

For more info on learn how to buy & renovate websites for passive and semi-passive income, attend our free website investing masterclass at https://ebusinessinstitute.com.au/ref.html?w=dpvrp&p=yto

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