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How They Replaced Their Corporate Incomes In 2 Years

Imagine running a million-dollar business and then losing it all during the pandemic? That was Stephen and Melissa’s situation.

Before 2020, they had built a million-dollar Airbnb business while still in their corporate jobs. But then C0vid hit, and their business suffered so much that they had to do something else.

That’s when they came across the Digital Investors Program, which then led to them discovering the Champions program.

Just after 2 years of retraining themselves in building websites, Stephen and Melissa have not only replaced their corporate incomes, but they have their confidence back.

Today, you’ll hear how they bounced back, including what they worked on that made the biggest difference.

If you want to go deeper into what started it all for them, register for our free masterclass:

00:00 Introduction
02:09 Their strategy
05:47 Outsourcing
09:08 Concerns when starting out
13:00 Getting their first client

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