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How to 4x Your House Flipping Profits Using “DADU” Units

House flipping and DADUs/ADUs were once thought of as separate subjects. DADUs (detached accessory dwelling units) were mainly reserved for homeowners who wanted to add a little bit of passive income to their primary residence. But, thanks to more relaxed zoning laws throughout big cities in the United States, DADUs and ADUs have become the unsung heroes for many home flippers. These simple additions can multiply your profits by a staggering number.

James Dainard, master house flipper and real estate investor, began to dip his toe in the DADU space when Seattle began allowing multiple units to be built on one single-family home lot. This changed the game for James as he now was able to capitalize on the wasted space with many more units. In this video, he’ll show you how he turned a $250k potential profit, into over $1M in house flipping take-home pay. Not bad at all, James!

If DADUs/ADUs seem like a strategy you’d love to learn more about, check out our ADU investing series with “That ADU Guy” (linked below)!

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Pt 2: https://youtu.be/k9KRB_Yc9N8
Pt 3: https://youtu.be/xXqB03a_rPk
Is Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) a Worthwhile Investment?
10 Things to Consider When Investing in Accessory Dwelling Units:
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00:00 4x The Profit on Your Next Flip!
00:46 What are ADUs and DADUs?
01:31 From 2 Units to 6!
03:40 Considerations BEFORE Building an ADU/DADU
06:32 Is An ADU Right for You?

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