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How to Analyze Real Estate Deals (SUPER Simple Calculations)

Not knowing how to analyze real estate deals is usually the biggest hurdle that rookies struggle to get over when chasing financial freedom through real estate investing. If you’ve never bought a rental property before, you may think that you need to know advanced calculations simply to determine whether or not a deal is worth your time. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, and Sarah Weaver is here to show you why.

Sarah got her start in real estate investing not too long ago and has been able to build a double digital portfolio all while traveling the world. For her long-distance real estate investing to work, she needed to gain confidence in her deal analysis skills. She’s evaluated hundreds of potential properties and has over time found the calculations and metrics that matter most in the world of real estate investing.

If you’ve never analyzed a real estate deal or need a refresher, this is the perfect place to start. If you use other calculations in your real estate deal analysis, let us know in the comments (Sarah may start using them)!

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Introduction to Real Estate Investment Analysis:
How to Calculate Cash-on-Cash Return:
3 Quick Ways to Increase the Net Operating Income:
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0:00 Analyze Real Estate Deals with Confidence
0:53 NOI and Cash Flow Calculations
1:54 Why Does NOI Matter?
2:03 All About That Cash Flow
2:24 Calculating Cash-on-Cash Return
3:39 How to Analyze a Real Estate Deal

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