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How to Fail in Today’s Housing Market | 8 Mistakes to Avoid

Everyone’s an expert in today’s housing market. “There’s going to be a crash! There’s not going to be a crash! Homes are going down to zero! Foreclosures are about to flood the market!” At some points, all of this screaming and yelling starts to sound a bit repetitive. Did any of these so-called “experts” actually invest over multiple market cycles, or are they just trying to stir up fear so you panic, make the wrong move, and curse real estate for the rest of eternity?

If you want to fail in today’s housing market, the best way to do it is by sitting on the sidelines, staying scared, and listening to the loudest people on the biggest screens. If you want to succeed in real estate investing, grow generational wealth, and build financial freedom-ensuring cash flow, you need to listen to Tarl Yarber. Tarl is the first to tell you that he’s made many mistakes, but those mistakes have led him to the successful position he finds himself in today.

He’s been through the market cycles, seen the ups and the downs, and knows what doing a bad deal not only looks like but feels like. So if you’re primed to fail at real estate this year, look forward to losing money, and want to witness your wealth dwindle, make sure you don’t watch this video. For everyone else, we’re happy to have you here.

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00:00 How to Fail in Real Estate
00:50 What is The “Real Estate Market”?
01:46 1. Don’t Understand Your Market
03:02 2. Panic!
03:50 3. Assume Interest Rates Stay the Same
05:18 4. Make Emotional Decisions
07:21 5. Don’t Evolve Your Investing
08:44 6. Think Short Term
11:41 7. Focus on a “Normal” Market
12:29 8. Listen to The “Experts”

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