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How to Find Housing Market Steals as Sellers Get Realistic

Let’s be honest. The housing market has been a pain over the past few years. Sellers wouldn’t entertain any offer that wasn’t 10% over the listing price, real estate agents wouldn’t return your calls, and you may have thought that the time to buy rental properties was over. Fortunately, the tides have turned, and the seller’s market has almost overnight become a buyer’s market. Price drops are aplenty on the MLS, real estate agents want to be your best friend, and sellers desperately need to get their homes offloaded. This creates an opportunity for you to start buying deals at a discount.

Jamil Damji, America’s leading wholesaler, knows that now is the time to get properties under contract. He’s been an expert at off-market deal-finding for decades, but now, he says that on-market deals are becoming far easier to find. Combine his nationwide knowledge with David Greene’s agent expertise, and you have a masterclass on finding steals, not just deals, in today’s housing market.

David and Jamil go through eight different techniques you can use to find deals, lock them in at a low price, and grow your real estate portfolio, while everyone else is too scared to act. In times like these, when fear is at an all-time high, smart investors keep their cool, continue buying based on the numbers, and walk away far richer than the average investor. Interested in doing the same? Grab your notepad and write down these eight techniques. There’s a good chance you’ll be using them soon!

00:00 Intro
01:11 Quick Tip
01:55 On-Market vs. Off-Market
08:50 Is the Buyer’s Market Back?
22:06 Off-Market Strategies
26:43 8 Ways to Find Discounted On-Market Deals
28:03 1. Use Emotional Influence
30:26 2. Look for 30+ Days On Market
32:17 3. Look for Homes BACK on The Market
36:28 4. Listen to The News
37:32 5. Have Several “Lines In the Water”
39:20 6. Build Relationships with Listing Agents
46:56 7. Look for Bad Pictures
52:31 8. Pitch Creative Options
53:26 Get Your First Deal!

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Episode 678

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