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If I Had to Start Over in Real Estate in 2022, Here’s What I’d Do

If you had to start your real estate investing career all over again, what would you do differently? It takes veteran investors years, sometimes decades, to figure out what made them successful, what mistakes held them back, and what they could have done better. If you’re a new investor in 2022 and are itching to get your first deal, you may want to listen to Tarl Yarber before you start. His advice could not only save you money but years’ worth of time on your path to ultimate financial freedom.

Tarl has been a full-time real estate investor for over a decade. But, between the year of success, he’s had to rebuild, rebrand, and re-engineer his business to grow into something that’s not only successful, but scalable. Oftentimes, rookie investors don’t think about building a team, networking, or investing from afar when they’re starting out—they only focus on making more money. But this move could bite you in the behind once you turn your side hustle into a full-blown business.

Tarl walks through the seven tips he’d give himself (and you) for starting over again in the investment property world. These tips aren’t complicated and can be done by almost anyone, no matter your skill level or the number of deals done. Learn from a pro like Tarl and avoid the mistakes he’s already made for you!

0:00 How to Start from Scratch
2:27 1. Define Your Strategy
4:09 2. Network Like CRAZY
5:23 3. Think Long-Term
7:02 4. Stay Out of This Position
8:09 5. Spread the Risk
10:22 6. Niche Out Once You Figure It Out
11:44 7. Invest From Afar
12:26 Start Building Wealth!

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