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Introvert Quits Corporate To Earn 7-Figures From Home

Would you quit a corporate job with a $150k salary and go out on your own? What if you’re massively introverted and have a phone phobia? Most people wouldn’t. Yet, that’s exactly what Will Wang did.

Will always knew he wanted to do something for himself, so he quit his corporate job. The problem was that he had quit too early so the next 18 months was really challenging, especially since he had a new born.

Will ended up turning things around and went on to build a 7-figure business.

Today, you’ll hear how Will did it, including why he quit his safe $150k corporate job, what not to do when quitting your corporate job, what he was doing before he quit corporate, how his business makes money today, early challenges of going out on his own, and how he went from struggling to success, even though he was ready to quit.

If you’re thinking about quitting your job to do your own thing, click below to watch this insightful and inspirational interview.

Watch the interview here: https://youtu.be/IBvOyfXzeAM

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00:00 Introduction
02:10 Will Wang’s story
06:24 What he knew
08:40 Why Will quit his corporate job
13:24 He was ready to quit, then this happened
18:17 Where his business is at now
23:25 Will’s advice if you’re doing the digital agency strategy

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