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It’s Over: Inflation Is About to DROP

Inflation is an ugly beast to control. Once the floodgates of money pour out from the Fed, it’s hard to stop rates from rapidly rising. Combine that with supply chain shortages thanks to global lockdowns, and it’s no wonder why the CPI (consumer price index) is so high. Everything is more expensive, whether it’s used cars, groceries, lumber, and even labor. But, the American economy might finally get a chance to take a breath as inflation may have just peaked without most people noticing.

Of course, our data deep-diver, Dave Meyer, was all-eyes on the latest inflation report which showed a slight downward tick in rising prices. But Dave isn’t jazzed up just about this quick dip in inflation rates—he sees that there’s something much bigger about to happen. Dave has three key pieces of evidence that prove why inflation may have peaked, how quickly it could come down, and what Americans can expect for 2023 inflation predictions.

Make no mistake, even if we see a downward turn in inflation, mortgage and interest rates still could rise or stay the same. But, there is a possibility that inflation could get so low that the Fed would reverse its rate hikes. If you want to know the chance of that happening in 2023, you’ll need to stick around until the end of the video!

00:00 Inflation is Freefalling!
01:28 1. Interest Rates Rising
02:10 2. Fewer Supply Shocks
03:58 3. The Base Effect
09:09 Will Inflation Go Down?
11:55 2023 Inflation Predictions

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