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Lower Home Prices & No Closing Costs as The Housing Market Stalls

The housing market is changing. Home prices are starting to drop, closing costs are casually getting waived for buyers, and interest rates are predicted to jump up sometime soon. Finally, after a long two-year period, the buyer is (somewhat) in the driver’s seat when buying real estate. No more bidding over asking, waiving important contingencies, or having to send in highest and best on every property. This is good for buyers but may be even better for real estate agents like Kyle Renke.

Kyle has been helping clients buy and sell properties throughout the housing market hysteria, all while in one of the hottest markets in the country, Sacramento. He’s finally been able to brush off his real estate negotiation skills by using this latest lull in the market to get his buyers better deals with less money out of pocket.

Kyle has helped buyers get their closing costs covered, buy down their interest rate, and walk away with a handsome seller concession to cover any extra repairs that may come up in the future. If you think that finding (or negotiating) good real estate deals is a thing of the past, Kyle is here to change your mind. You may have a lot more deals coming your way!

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00:00 Housing Market Fears
01:20 What is a “Good” Real Estate Deal in 2022?
03:23 New Types of Negotiation
10:51 Which Real Estate Market Is Worth It?
14:02 Before You Make a Bid

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