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Make House Flipping Profits WITHOUT Rehabs/Repairs (Wholetailing)

You’ve heard stories of how house flipping can make you five, six, or even seven-figure profits on a single deal. House flippers love to show the sheer amount of equity they can pump into a property with some simple rehab and renovations. What flippers rarely show is the amount of work, time, and money that is needed to make these deals happen. And as a rookie real estate investor or an investor with an already busy career, flipping may seem out of reach.

That’s why wholetailing (yes TAIL not SALE) is one of the best ways to build wealth through real estate in a short amount of time. Henry Washington has used this strategy multiple times in the past, and it’s even made him more money with far less work (he shows this example in today’s video). Wholetailing may be the best real estate strategy you’ve never heard of, and if you can implement it in your real estate journey, the results could be impressive!

Have you ever tried wholetailing before? If so, did it work out the way you planned or did any unexpected hiccups happen along the way? Let us know in the comments below whether this strategy is one you’d take on in the future!

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00:00 Flipping Profits Without the Rehab
02:23 What is Whole-Tailing?
03:29 Fix-and-Flip vs. Whole-Tailing
06:35 Henry’s Real-Life Whole-Tail Deal
09:13 The Pros and Cons of Whole-Tailing
11:54 No Rehab, Plenty of Profits!

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