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Medium-Term Rentals 101: A Better Bet Than Vacation Rentals?

Medium-term rentals, also known as mid-term rentals, executive rentals, and traveling nurse rentals, have become wildly popular over the past few years. With the rise of remote work, digital nomads have been using their geographically-open income-earning opportunities to travel the world, staying for a month (or months) at a time in medium-term rentals. But it’s not just remote workers hopping on this trend—traveling nurses and corporate travelers have been staying in medium-term rentals for years!

But, most of the medium-term rental options run as mom-and-pop shops. These listings feature outdated furniture, lackluster photos, and don’t have the amenities that your modern-day traveler requires. This creates an opportunity for investors looking to get into a high-cash flow, low-stress type of investment. And Zeona McIntyre is here to help you start!

Zeona’s twelve-unit portfolio features short-term, medium-term, and long-term rental properties, but she has a soft spot for the one she’s talking about today. She gives five great reasons why medium-term rentals beat short-term rentals and how you can build a passive income-producing portfolio faster than you’d think, with fewer rental units, using this same strategy!

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00:00 Medium-Term Rentals 101
01:40 Cash Flow over Vacation Destination
02:31 5 Reasons to Invest in Medium-Term Rentals
02:43 1. Fewer Regulations
05:56 2. Solid Cash Flow
05:29 3. Easier Tenants
06:35 4. Fewer Expenses
07:51 5. Less Competition
09:32 Grab Zeona’s New Book!

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