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NEW Alternative to Shopify – Sellvia VS Oberlo Comparison: What to Choose?

Many beginner dropshippers have a question at the beginning of their journey – what supplier to choose? How to upload products? Are there solutions that can offer guidance and help?

💁🏻 Of course, there are. There are many different solutions, but in this video, we compared 2 of them: Sellvia and Oberlo. We looked at how affordable they are and what peculiarities they have.

Oberlo is a solution that helps with importing products from AliExpress to Shopify stores, whereas Sellvia is a supplier itself that delivers purchases within 3 business days around the US. Oberlo doesn’t offer products; it just suggests trusted suppliers that an entrepreneur can choose to work with or not.

🔥 Sellvia doesn’t limit the store’s inventory with its products, nor does Oberlo.
Both solutions are of a somewhat similar price, Sellvia is around $10 more expensive than Oberlo, but once again, it’s a supplier that has a warehouse.

When working with Oberlo, you’re only limited to having a Shopify store. That means you can’t use it on other platforms, such as WordPress, while Sellvia can work on both.

⭐️ Both solutions give their clients educational materials on how to do ecommerce business, so they can succeed and not feel abandoned.

💥 Unlike Shopify, which is required to work with Oberlo, Sellvia offers turnkey stores, so that clients can delegate a creation process to the experts. On Shopify, one can purchase a ready store, but it’s a store from another merchant, and Shopify doesn’t have anything to do with it.

At the end of the day, it really depends on the purposes of a merchant. If they want to have specific products in their store that they can’t find on Sellvia, they can opt for Oberlo. But once again, nothing forbids Sellvia’s clients to list products from other AliExpress suppliers in their stores.

🎓 For right now, let’s just remember what dropshipping is. Dropshipping is when you attract customers to your store, and when they order something from your store, you contact your supplier and ask them to send the purchase directly to your customer.

✅ You don’t have to deal with the physical inventory, and that’s what makes this business model great for beginners and those who need a side hustle.
✅ As a dropshipper, you need to do many things – promotion, customer service, interacting with suppliers, processing the orders, resolving questions, and many other things you can’t just delegate to someone.

⚠️ Wouldn’t it be easier if someone could help you with some manual things such as finding and importing products or designing a store? Thankfully, there are solutions that can help with that. ✅

➤➤ Book a free consultation with a Sellvia representative who’ll explain you everything about Sellvia. How it works from A to Z, how you can work with it, and how to win the ecommerce game! Link: https://sellvia.ai/3q2

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