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New Real Estate Investor Home Loans DON’T Require a W2

Home loans are easy to get for the “regular” borrower. We’re talking about someone buying a primary residence with a W2 who doesn’t own any businesses. But, as soon as you get into the investor realm, things start to get a bit more complicated. Real estate investors (on average) own multiple businesses or are self-employed, meaning their tax returns aren’t as cut-and-dry as your everyday employee. This makes getting investment property loans hard at best and impossible at worst, but you’re not out of luck.

Christian Bachelder and David Greene over at The One Brokerage have started to find new loan products that work specifically for investors. So, if you’ve been having trouble finding financing for your next rental property, BRRRR, or commercial deal, this is the video for you. Christian and David have been incredibly creative when building loans for their clients, many of which don’t fit under the “conventional loan” umbrella, allowing an investor a better loan for a better deal.

If you’ve never tried one of these non-conforming loans or wish you could buy a rental property but lack a W2, these are the strategies you should be talking to your mortgage broker about. If you’ve used these loans (or any others like these) in the past, let us know in the comments below! Another investor could be in need of exactly what you’ve been using!

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00:00 Non-Conventional Loans for Investors
03:27 How Non-W2 Workers Can Qualify
09:32 Low Down Payments and Bridge Loans
11:35 How to NOT Have Your Loan Fall Apart
14:15 Work with Christian for Your Next Loan!

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