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Poverty to $1M+ in Property Using No Money Down Real Estate

No money down real estate investing usually sounds too good to be true. It seems almost impractical that someone without much experience, money, or property can secure cash-flowing rentals without putting a dollar into the deal. Even more astounding, today’s guest Andre Haynes was paid a few thousand dollars to buy his first rental property. He shares his exact steps on how he did it on today’s show!

While investing in real estate with no money down can seem like an advanced concept, Andre wasn’t some cash-flowing wizard from the start. If anything, Andre’s upbringing may have brought some hurdles to the financial side of his life. He had no credit, no cash, was faced with eviction notices, and generally was falling behind financially as a parent. He had to take a hard look at his life, redefine his goals, and reevaluate his choices. From there, it was a hard, yet incredibly valuable, climb upwards.

Now, only a short time later, Andre has built a real estate portfolio worth over a million dollars. He has numerous cash-flowing assets that pay for his liabilities and has started to educate others about how they can do the same. He defines this easily repeatable process on today’s show but doesn’t gloss over the fact that the only thing stopping you from obtaining the wealth you desire, is yourself.

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Episode 590

Show notes at: https://www.biggerpockets.com/blog/real-estate-590?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=none

00:00 Intro
03:09 Quick Tip
04:53 Hard Circumstances & Developing the “Hustle”
12:18 Step 1: Self-Evaluation
15:32 Step 2. Use the Power of Your Words
22:01 Step 3. Frugal vs. Fraud
32:05 Step 4. Build Your Foundation
33:11 Step 5. Buy a Property!
38:08 Deal Deep Dive
01:00:43 Famous Four

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