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Repairing a Bluetti AC200P with a BMS temp error

I got a Bluetti AC200P for free that had issues with the BMS, and I attempted fixing the issues. I found a issue with the BMS temperature sensor that worked by adding a temperature sensor to a unused pad on the BMS board. I really didn’t know what I was doing here, and tried changing plugs and connectors until I found something that worked. I wanted to get this information out there to know what might be the cause or if anyone else has this issue.

I find the fix very odd for this battery, and would love to have more information about what may have caused this and why my fix seems to work. Let me know if you got any clues or guesses.

Warning!!! There is a lot of power in these batteries, and it can do a lot of damage to a person is treated badly. Please don’t go poking around in these devices if you don’t know about the risks. Also Li-ion batteries can explode if treated badly, so make sure they are always within safe voltage and thermal limits, and the BMS is working correctly at all times.

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