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Ruby’s Life as Ecommerce Entrepreneur, Single Mom of 2 & Full-Time Admissions Specialist

πŸ“’ Have you ever seen people getting sales in the first days since launching their business?

πŸ’š To be honest, here at Sellvia we see such stories pretty often and Ruby is not an exception! πŸ’š

❗️ But what’s so special about the case?

❗️ Well, you’ll probably be suprised but Ruby has a full-time job and she only works on her store a few hours a week! 🀯 Moreover, she’s a single mom of two wonderful kids, she’s constantly learning new things about ecommerce, and she doesn’t forget about her hobbies like singing, for example. 😲 πŸ’―

πŸ™ Huge respect to this amazing woman, she definitely is a multitasker and the best example for her children! πŸ™Œ

❗️ How did Ruby’s success story begin? Why did she choose ecommerce with Sellvia and why did she give up on Shopify? Find all the answers (and even more) in this new interview on our channel!

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