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Starting Dropshipping Business as Single Parent: Goran’s Story [Dropshipping In Oslo, Norway]

😲 Goran is a single father from Norway who decided to change his life for the better and ventured out into an online business centered around auto accessories with Sellvia. 🔥

⭐️ He has years of experience working with vehicles, so his choice was absolutely right — cause when we work with something we’re passionate about, process goes way smoother and we can apply our own, unique expertise.

⭐️ Even though he has just started his business, he can already see some traction and results of his work — and there’s way more for him to unpack!

Curious to know the details of Goran’s journey as a dropshipper? Check out this interview with him!

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0:00 Introduction
0:30 Q: Could you please tell us about yourself and your background?
2:03 Q: Did you make any significant changes to your store before starting your marketing efforts? Have you tried any of Sellvia’s services to improve your store’s performance?
2:53 Q: So, what did you do to achieve your first sales in your Sellvia store? Please, reveal your amazing tactic to our community
4:38 Q: What kind of products are you selling? What niche did you choose and why?
5:28 Q: What can you say about managing your turnkey ecommerce website daily?
6:08 Q: Does Sellvia have everything you need to make your business profitable and easy? How would you rate Sellvia from 1 to 10?
6:43 Q: Did you register your business officially? What are the requirements in your country?
7:20 Q: How did ecommerce change your life, overall?
8:18 Q: In your opinion, what’s the key to success?
8:42 Q: What do your friends and family think about your ecommerce business?
9:13 Q: Do economic slowdowns affect your activities or earnings in any way?

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