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The 2022 Housing Market Just Got Even Wilder

We all knew the 2022 housing market would be a wild one. Interest rates were poised to rise, demand was staying strong, and inventory hit decade-long lows at the end of 2021. What we didn’t know was how fast (and hot) the winter market would pick up once interest rate hikes began to set in. Now, real estate investors are stuck scratching their heads, wondering whether or not to hoard cash for a foreseeable correction or buy any deal they can get their hands on.

Before you tell your agent to write up fifty all-cash offers for that two-hundred square foot downtown shack, double-check your goals and investing plans—you may be getting ahead of yourself. Our delicatessen and data-loving host, Dave Meyer, is back to drop his five-point thesis on how investors can win in this hot housing market.

Dave doubles down on the fact that real estate investors need to stay vigilant and keep their offer-making-trigger-finger ready to fire when the right deal comes up. But, this should all be done while keeping the cash-flow and appreciation fundamentals in mind, so you can build wealth while others are scrambling to buy anything and everything on the market.

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0:00 The 2022 Housing Market
2:20 1. Rising Interest Rates
4:49 Mortgage Affordability
5:53 Increasing Demand
6:37 2. Record-Low Housing Inventory
7:49 Rising Rent Prices
10:00 Dave’s 5-Part Housing Market Thesis

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